The Forster’s T6 Kombi Lining Conversion

The Forster’s T6 Kombi Lining Conversion

There are several companies who offer lining facilities, but here at NWCC we aim to deliver something with more sound kill performance, exquisite detailing and a finish like no other competitor.

This build is yet again showing that not every client that comes through our door is looking for a full conversion; This customer simply wanted to kill the road noise, withhold the heat internally and provide a luxurious interior for his passengers. This build underwent the usual NWCC preparation upon it’s arrival, including a full wash and check in, then into the workshop for a full strip down and surface preparation before our sound kill products are applied. The first product applied being Skinz, closed cell foil backed foam being the second and then Dacron application where we have the space. The trunk liner is then added to the vehicles body work and where possible birch ply access panels.

Most customers will have viewed our hundreds of website images in great detail before choosing NWCC to complete the chosen list of works, and we hope they will have noticed the great efforts we put in place to provide an impeccable finish from floor to ceiling. Our team take great care when working the trunk liner in to every detail of the vehicles metal work using only high end temperature tested glues and work practises that have been tried and tested over 8 years.

The chosen headliner in this vehicle was not Alcantara for a change but an OEM foamed backed fabric to tie in perfectly with the standard VW Cab headliner complemented with 6 LED over head lights. Some optional upgrades were added to this vehicle to improve both its internal qualities such as the full Audison audio sound package including the AP8 front door speakers, AP1 factory location tweeters, Prima 4″ rears housed in our precise machined speaker pods all powered by the digital AP4.9 amplifier allowing us to tweak to perfection the audio set up with the use of the Audison software and continuous back up and support from the Audio masters “Four”.

The vehicle external presence is just as important with the standard suspension swapped out to the world famous Bilstein B14 full adjustable coil over suspension drastically improving the vehicles handling, road response and deleting that commercial vehicle body roll. The BBS XA 18″ wheel and tyre package were also added to this T6 instantly transforming its appearance.

This affordable yet drastic transformation is a must with these new T6 kombi vehicles as there are so many families stepping out of SUV vehicles on that hunt for something that offers even more versatility and comfort.