The Higgins’ VWT6 Custom Interior Conversion

The Higgins’ VWT6 Custom Interior Conversion

Massively into Cross-Fit the Higgins’ family were looking not only for a suitable vehicle to transport them to and from different events, they also required space to enable them to cut down on those costly hotel bills.

Purchasing their preferred base vehicle a VW T6 Highline-Kombi (SWB) in Deep Black-Pearl, due to our current lead-times the base vehicle was useful prior to the scheduled conversion date, allowing the family an opportunity to not only get used to the vehicle but have enough time to consider exactly want they required from a conversion.

As with any sportsman music tends to have a great impact on focus and inspiration; The audio setup in this vehicle should certainly get anyone ‘In The Zone’. The setup consists of Focal PS165F Front Speakers & Tweeters as well as Focal PC165F Rear Speakers and a Focal ‘FD 4.350′ Ultra Compact 4-CHANNEL Amplifier.

Leather upholstery is not always an option or need for some NWCC clients, and with the Higgins’ keen on the T6 Upholstery this has been replicated on the rear seating to coincide with the front.

Compared to a lot of builds that leave NWCC you might think this build is minimal, it however offers the basic requirements of any camping experience. A comfortable bed, a warm & dry area to keep out of the great British rain, along with a versatile seating arrangement. Even better you can drive where ever you want!