The Jones’ VW T6 Verso Conversion

The Jones’ VW T6 Verso Conversion

Settling into retirement and looking for ways to escape the day to day hustle and bustle, a VW conversion was the perfect solution. With the Jones’ being a local couple to us here at NWCC they were keen to support a local business.

NWCC’s Verso conversion was launched back in Jan 2016 and has seen few competed due to the popularity of the Traditional Lux conversion which incorporates the RIB seat/bed system. This build however is still a popular choice offering massive versatility with the use of the VW California seat/bed system and floor tracks.

This build is a perfect example of NWCC’s VERSO conversion, with minimal yet practical upgrades. The addition of the SCA 194 deluxe elevating roof adds much needed headroom for cooking and day to day Living/Camping within the vehicle, as well as extra space for sleeping; Transforming the T6 into a far more practical 4 berth van making the vehicle seem a lot more spacious.

An increasingly popular addition to NWCC client builds is the slimline solar panel mounted on the SCA elevating roof; Solar powered battery charging enables the use of lighting, refrigeration, laptops and entertainment equipment miles away from the nearest mains connection. For many motorhome owners, true freedom is not being ‘tied’ to a power cable.

Another simplistic build offering complete versatility and enabling one more family to enjoy the benefits of the motorhome and leisure lifestyle.