The Manuello’s VW T6 Caravelle Conversion

The Manuello’s VW T6 Caravelle Conversion

Where do we start?
This vehicle conversion was something of a transformation for team NWCC; A basic VW T6 Kombi Highline has left NWCC with a whole new look. With so many of the available option boxes ticked its best to start at the beginning.

The Manuello’s visited NWCC previously when upgrading their original VW T5, then after the T6 was launched they were back in touch to discuss a potential new project. Purchasing a VW T6 (T32) Kombi Highline in Blackberry Metallic, the standard Kombi interior wasn’t anywhere near the specification of the ideas that they had in mind.

Internally there are major changes to the front cab, starting with a VW T6 Caravelle lower dash upgrade. This includes replacement OEM plastics in titan black with a new glove box & glove box backing, replacement lower dash trims, the addition of a centre console bottle holder & cup holder as well as the Caravelle gloss black coin tray with flip lid. Wanting to ensure the front cab resembled a VW factory Caravelle, the door cards were exchanged to now house the VW T6 Caravelle door cards which include courtesy lighting.

The Manuello’s opted to upgrade to the MK7 GTI / R ‘FLAT BOTTOM’ Multifunction Steering Wheel. Many people choose to exchange their factory installed steering wheel with one based on their needs and personal taste. Upgrading to suit either the driving style, interior upholstery choice or colour theme. The cotton stitch throughout the steering wheel and gear gaiter have been changed to coincide with the cotton colour used within the upholstery upgrade in this vehicle.

The installation of Driver & Passenger 1st row Recaro Sportster CSs’ offer the perfect fusion of a racing shell and sports road seat, ensuring the highest level of support coupled with the comfort and fit suitable for everyday use. To ensure additional comfort during long drives and cold mornings carbon fibre heated seat pads have been incorporated as apart of the upholstery upgrade. The Recaro Sportster CSs’ also swivel to ensure maximum usability and a versatile seating arrangement when stationary.

The Recaro Sportster CSs’ have had a complete transposition from the original factory upholstered Synthetic Leather seating. This was a first for NWCC an extremely intricate stitch work pattern incorporated within the upholstery upgrade specifically requested by the Manuello family. The Recaro logo has been de-bossed in the original location to maintain some features of the seat itself, The rear shells of the seating have been colour coded to the same colour of the vehicle itself in blackberry metallic with the side kidneys upholstered in black Alcantara.

To complete the front cab appearance, Alcanatra detailing has been completed thoughout. Alcantra upholstered A & B pillars, sun visors and front cab headlining. Aside from the upholstery this is what ties the whole vehicle together. The headlining continues through to the rear of the vehicle with a detailed centre strip boasting the craftsmanship available in house at NWCC.

The audio set-up in this vehicle is phenomenal, with the Manuello’s keen to ensure that they can achieve the perfect sound there was no other way forward then opting for a complete Audison install. Including AV 6.5 165mm Woofer Set, AV 3.0 70mm Midrange Set, AV 1.1 28mm Tweeter Set, Prima APX 4 Co-Axial Set (100mm) housed in rear speaker pods, Two Prima AP S 8D Subwoofers housed in custom sub boxes within the Passenger & Driver seat bases as well as a AV 5.1K – Voce 5 Channel Amplifier, AV bit IN HD – HD Digital Interface and Audison Bit TenD Inc DRC. What a sound this all achieves!

The rear conversion that was best suited to the Manuello’s was the VW Caravelle seating configuration. Opting for only the one piece triple bench, to allow occasional sleeping accommodation with the addition of a separate multiflex board and mattress topper. The upholstery of the 1st row Recaro Sportster CSs’ has been reflected in the Caravelle triple bench seat, another element tying the whole vehicle together. The upholstery incorporates two tone BR Black Nappa leather and an AutoLux Wildberry, completed with a contrasting cotton stitch.

To aid with the versatile usability of this vehicle, a VW Caravelle cooler box is located in the rear of the vehicle under the multiflex board. This can be located in front of the seating instead of the table, which ever is more preferable on each individual journey. This vehicle has rear USB charging points for the rear passengers and lighting incorporated throughout the headlining to illuminate the rear.

With a complete transformation internally and every aspect covered from upholstery to audio, seating upgrades to sleeping solutions, the exterior of the vehicle was subject to ‘a few’ changes as well. What a difference a few weeks at NWCC can make.

The original Highline exterior of the VW T6 has been further improved with the addition of Bilstein B14 coilers, H & R anti roll bars, Rolls-Royce alloy wheels with floating centre caps, combined with NWCC’s R8 brake upgrade. This includes Brembo 8pot callipers, two piece AP racing brake discs combined with EBC Yellow stuff pads, custom calliper mounts as well as replacement brake lines. The front callipers have been colour coded red incorporating the Audi RS decal. Subtle changes to the front of the vehicle with Gloss Black detailing to the front Bumper lower grills and wing mirror mounts, surround bezels & lower caps, this all makes a huge impact, the vehicle looks stylish, classy and still OEM. The upgrades of the chrome detailing to the front bumper lower grille, and replacement Caravelle top grill along with the Sportline front spoiler finish off the front perfectly.