The MARTINS Multipurpose Conversion

The MARTINS Multipurpose Conversion

We chose to convert our van to give us the freedom to pack up and go on holiday at anytime we want, and the kids love the outdoors so we wanted the opportunity to make awesome memories with our kids. Our kids are 6 and 3 and we were thinking about our holiday plans for the next 2, 3, 4, 5 years and what our children would enjoy and the cost of different types of holidays etc etc.

Regarding the cost, we balanced the upfront cost of converting our van against paying for summer holidays abroad and worked out it would pay for itself in about 4 years and we would have the asset of an awesome converted van at the end of it too, as well as wonderful holidays from it. So it was a no brainer for us to go ahead with it in the end.

So the multi sport conversion was perfect for us. You guys offer so much extra too so we also embellished with a few extras to really maximise the full camper-van experience.

We love natural wood in homes and finishes etc so we went for a Karndean natural oak finish on the floor. Plus the subtle earthy chocolate brown leather and alcantara upholstery really adds to this. We wanted a full width RIB bed to maximise the comfort for sleep. We love cooking outside whenever we can so we didn’t want to go for the whole kitchen set up inside the van. I also use the van on a daily basis for general commuting so I wanted to retain some of the van feel. We wanted to be able to eat in the van though if we wanted so we went for the 2 front swivel seats and a detachable table, so my wife and I and the kids can eat together or play a board game etc.
We went for a speaker upgrade as we and the kids love listening to music on the road so this gets cranked up. The Kenwood head unit is brilliant too, easy to use and great quality. Clare feels the cold so we also included a heater which we can turn on during those cold evenings.

We went for the solar panel on the roof so we have flexibility of choosing camp sites without electric hook up.
We had the Thule omnistor awning for a bit of protection from sun and/or rain if we need it.
The Reimo roof is fantastic, easy to use and great durability.
We also wanted the van to have a great look on the outside and we kept in line with the white/black theme so the black rails and wheels upgrade was 100% worth it. We previously had 20″ wheels and downsized to 18″ wheels which, combined with the Bilsteins, has given us a much smoother ride for those long journeys.
We were really impressed with the attention you paid to the bodywork too, you did everything just short of a new paint job!

We wish the Martin family all the very best and please keep us updated with images of your travels.