NWCC’s T6.1 Verso

NWCC’s T6.1 Verso

“Built by us for you”

This vehicle was a factory order placed several months back with the aim of building a vehicle to retain on site so we once again have a physical example of the Verso conversion to demonstrate to any potential clients looking to invest into a vehicle with team NWCC.

The team wasted no time in ticking the correct options boxes for the factory order, with huge experience in their sector we knew exactly what is more beneficial to add at build, Factory swivels, glazed tailgate, no bulkhead, single front seats, soft close slide door and the brand new Ascot grey paint.

The Verso conversion evolved from our Traditional Lux conversion and has been been through a decade of development, proving function, form, style, flexibility and durability. Designed and built using only the best components from all over Europe combined by our impeccable attention to detail and install procedures.

Please visit the Verso page (……………….) to get a further insight to what hardware is installed into all our Verso conversions.

The NWCC Verso has admittedly has been loaded up with some cool extras starting with the Webasto Diesel heater providing that warm and cosy feel to your interior all year round , allowing you to travel and holiday when and wherever you like, making this huge investment perform for you all year round.

Externally on the vehicle we decided to take the build to another level literally starting with the Bilstein 35mm lift kit combined with the Black Rhino York wheels and BFG tyre combination. These upgrade’s allowing you to access those rough camping spots or even those tricky field camp sites which you see so many motorhomes struggle to access.
The Reimo VTEC elevating roof has been equipped with the Reimo active rails and combined with the Thule Black edition wing bars, making way for all those sporting accessories. Sportline black side bars, Reimo Multirail and exterior graphics finishing the adventure van look .

If anyone would like to view our Verso conversion whilst carrying out market research please feel free to book an appointment and we will happy to demonstrate one of our Verso conversions in the flesh, I must make all clients aware before visiting us, we do not offer part conversions, stage build conversions or deviate from our designs, what we do offer is impeccable customer service combined with outstanding craftsmanship and a huge variety of furniture and textile options.