Anyone buying or bought a T5-6 whether it be a Kombi or Panel van,they are not going to achieve that silent travel that a Audi Q7 offers, But we all know you can’t fit the family bikes and camping equipment inside an Audi.

The T6 Kombi is one of today’s modern multi use vehicles whether it be for work or play the first point of call should always be us at NWCC, Providing you with the guidance and support to help eliminate that horrendous road noise and echo providing you with a one stop shop to endless options lists of upgrades and hardware all under one roof.

NWCC have designed they’re lining package not only to look amazing but sound amazing, Installing tried and tested materials to different areas of the van to eliminate that road hooooowl. Products and procedures are forever evolving here at NWCC and we feel we offer not only one of the best finished lining packages on today’s market but one of the best solutions to help to delete all that hollow echo you will hear on your drive home from your chosen VW dealership.

This customer choose NWCC to complete his conversion works even though we are a 5 hr commute from his home town, Because he wanted the best, NOT the cheapest, NOT the fastest, “The best”
The options decided on this build were, head to toe skinz application including the rear wheel arches, OEM T6 fabric to the rear headliner to run seamlessly into the cab area, Trunk liner to all metal works and access panels, The world famous Eberspacher D2 diesel heater providing that all year round warmth and comfort complete with text and call alert upgrades. LED rear lighting, 12v and USB all powered from the NWCC unique twin under chassis Leisure battery package combined and continuously monitored and charged by the CTEK battery to battery intelligent charger.

All wrapped up and finished using shine supply detailing product and photographed in our on site showroom/collection point by our very own talent Phil.

A huge thanks to Mr Tweddle For choosing NWCC.