Very rare at NWCC we get to see cherry red T6 coloured vans in the workshop for reasons we don’t understand as it’s an amazing colour when accented with the right bits.

This T6 arrived into us with 2000 miles on and several Sportline upgrades, the customer Mr Ward decided upon our Traditional LUX combined with the Reimo VTEC elevating roof.
A slight complication with this one as it was the dreaded TWIN slider, not ideal for a Traditional lay out but it’s wasn’t a problem for team NWCC putting our heads together to design and manufacture a interior which not only looks good but works perfectly.


This furniture is a little different to the previous 7 years of NWCC cabinets, Thanks to our latest investment “Automated Edge Banding”
A huge investment for the company but allowing us to produce a factory finish furniture pack.

This latest design of furniture will be used throughout our Traditional Lux and Verso range with our other layouts soon following.
Edge banding is definitely the way forward in furniture design allowing us to accomplish so many different layouts.

This brand new interior as usual combined with an amazing Tan Autocalf leather upgrade from the NWCC in house trim shop, vehicle colour coded seat belts, dashboard and steering wheel bringing that exterior colour indoors.

This is our first Traditional LUX of many this year booked in and the rest will be following suite putting our latest investment to work.

We hope that The Ward Family enjoy there newly converted vehicle from Team NWCC.