The Whitehouse’s VWT6 Caravelle Interior Conversion

The Whitehouse’s VWT6 Caravelle Interior Conversion

Keen sports enthusiasts the Whitehouse family were keen to enjoy the lifestyle that a VW Transporter can offer. Purchasing their preferred base vehicle a VW T6 Highline-Kombi (SWB) in Indium Grey, the base vehicle was useful prior to the scheduled conversion date, allowing the family an opportunity to experience ‘Van Life’.

With team NWCC having the opportunity to purchase a brand new VW T6 Caravelle interior, this was a great opportunity for the Whitehouse’s to upgrade to include the latest Caravelle upholstery within their vehicle. For this family the standard 2nd row Caravelle seating wasn’t required at the moment therefore only installation of the once piece triple bench was completed.

As with the majority of Caravelle owners these vehicles are multi-use vans; Wanting the occasional over night stop and the majority of the time needing to transport the children around. To enable all members of this family to sleep within the vehicle on the occasional over night trip or spontaneous weekend away an SCA 194 Deluxe elevating roof was specified as apart of the build.

This vehicle really does offer this family a variety of options; Including 240v Sockets along with an under the bonnet ‘Hook-Up’ point, perfect for Campsites. As well as 12v Sockets & USB charging points complete with under chassis leisure batteries.

Team NWCC are very fortunate to have our In-House upholsterer Lee, who is extremely talented and yet again he has outdone himself. These 1st Row seats have been produced to replicate exactly the rear Caravelle T6 upholstery. With hours of pattern making and design perfecting we are extremely pleased with the overall finish. To really ensure that there is enough space for sleeping within the vehicle, many caravelle owners will purchase the Mulflex-Board to make up the Caravelle sleep pack. Again our very talented Lee has produced the perfect foldable matters to ensure comfort whilst sleeping over the seating and Multi-Flex board.