VW T6.1 NWB 001

VW T6.1 NWB 001

The first of a production run of 10 “The NWB 001 “
New Wave Bespoke vehicle built to show the kombi market that it’s not only campers we specialise in. This T6.1 Transporter started life as a 150 BHP Highline complete with glazed tailgate rolled into NewWave with only 2’600 on the clock ready to be stripped down and the coolest kombi family sports van to be created.

From top to toe this van screams quality backed with market leading brands inside and out. RECARO delivering the most support and comfortable seat for the driver and passenger to enjoy the drive. EiBach delivering the adjustable lowering kit to allow for the perfect set up and stance. BBS fitted in the platinum edition SX 20 alloy wheel for the ultimate look. ABT delivering that super slick and aggressive front styling. Alcantara delivering the most desirable material in the automotive industry intertwined through this entire interior from the sun visors to the seats.

Stage one of this vehicle was to install the Skinz Automotive sound kill product wrapping the entire side walls and ceiling to absorb that hollow road noise created by these vans. Then onto the NWCC famous lining package wrapping the exposed metal work in the AS trunk liner again to absorb sound and create a plush interior. The monster task then was to trim both sections of the headliner in Black Alcantara, A pillars, B pillars, sun visors and paint or swap out all the boring Grey plastic to black to tie in neatly with the headlining.

Privacy glass to the rear and a one piece removable triple kombi bench was installed Turing this vehicle into a 5 seat sports van allowing a multitude of uses, family, sports, work or just owning one of the best looking T6.1’s on the road in one of our favourite colours combined with market leading automotive branding.

We wanted to create a OE factory look like Audi create over and over with the RS models, nothing to OTT just quality, necessary chassis and body upgrades to create the ultimate driving experience. Inside is a little different with a full interior trimmed in house by the NWCC trim shop with a unique pattern design and orange and grey theme sewn though everything possible.