Filippi UK – Exhibition Trailer

Filippi UK – Exhibition Trailer

In recent weeks team NWCC have been involved with the customisation of an exhibition trailer for Filippi UK. This is not a project that we would normally get involved with, however it was really to return a favour to a good friend. When NWCC first established itself back in 2010 our Director Mike became friendly with Neil the MD of a neighbouring timber supplies business. Through the start up years at NWCC Neil was on hand with advise and materials so when he contacted us for assistance earlier this year Mike was keen to help out.

Having left the timber trade, Neil is now assisting his nephew Paul whom along with a friend set up W W Marine Services. Back in 1991 the two friends were looking for new sculling boats and tried the Filippi single scull at Lucerne Regatta, they were so impressed with the boat’s feel, quality and performance that they ordered immediately and in the following April they secured the sole importing agency for Filippi Racing Boats in the UK and Northern Ireland.

Since retiring from competitive rowing, both the original partners remain closely connected with the sport. They continue to have a close relationship with the boat builder, passing information on customer feedback and market trends to Filippi thereby ensuring that the product continues to improve and remain at the forefront of boat innovation. This exhibition trailer was requested to ensure that the Filippi brand continues to be marketed throughout the UK at various sporting events and regattas.

This project was completed with the assistance of a number of skilled tradesmen. NWCC’s graphics designer was in direct communication with Filippi to ensure that the trailer represented their exact requirements both internally and externally. Ahead of team NWCC being able to complete any of the initial works within the trailer the graphics had to be confirmed, printed and laid. This allowed our carpenters the opportunity to design, develop and construct the interior cabinetry and seating area.

In house project research went into ensuring the correct technology was used within the build, our in house designer took the time to search the market for suitable products. Finalising on the Iiyama ProLite LE5540S-B1 55″ LED display which enables video footage to be displayed when consultations take place within the exhibition trailer, also including a TP-Link 4G LTE-Advanced Mobile Wi-Fi Router/Hotspot for use of mobile devices and laptops.

Although the kitchen area was already fitted within the trailer, team NWCC couldn’t let it stay in its original condition. A brand new Staron Solid surface worktop was produced to coincide with the cabinet tops and table top insert. The table top neatly incorporates the Filippi brand which has been machined into the face of the staron. Team NWCC’s auto electrician completed all of the wiring within the trailer from the flush flit spot lighting which sits within the vinyl slatted ceiling, to the Under seat mood lighting.

NWCC’s designer produced the design for the interior furniture, from the custom seat benches with storage compartments to the display cabinets which were all CNC machined on site. All upholstery was completed in house at NWCC, Filippi supplied us direct with the materials used to produce their rowing shoes. The vibrant blue colouring coincides with the company branding. The quantity of material supplied allowed our upholster to additionally produce matching lap top cases, seat cushions and a buddy box top.

A huge thank you to Filippi for allowing us to produce this exhibition interior for them, and thank you to Neil for giving us the opportunity to branch out. Well done to the in house team NWCC on this.