NWCC’s Porsche Themed Service Van

NWCC’s Porsche Themed Service Van

This year (2017), Team NWCC have built a Porsche themed Caddy van.

With Mike wanting to build his own family vehicle, Which would also work as an advertisement tool for the business, We decided to Purchase an Ex British Gas 2011 VW Caddy Maxi van at auction. This we thought would be the perfect opportunity to show our wide range of skills and craftsmanship without spending the usual funds on a 50/60k demonstrator. As usual we got a little carried away with this project.

At delivery of the Vehicle to the NWCC workshop it was noted that the van had a few scratches and dents, which was to be expected. After a complete strip down the van went into the paint shop for a full respray. We smoothed out the ugly door mouldings, Welded up the roof where the British Gas vents were, and replaced the front and rear bumpers with Highline specification factory bumpers. As the project soon got underway we decided to add Bilstein suspension, The Bilstein suspension kit we feel is the perfect choice for those wanting the highest performance.

After the vehicle returned from the paint shop, it was a matter of finalising how to proceed with the interior. Within the cab we decided to get rid of the standard VW seating replacing them with a pair of Recaro CS front seats; These are becoming more and more popular in house here at NWCC, We regularly have clients opting to upgrade to have these within their T5/T6 Conversion. Sticking with the Blue colour theme, we then sourced some OEM Porsche fabric which we incorporated in the centre of the Recaro CS Seating. The rear of the Recaro CS seats were then colour coded to match with the colour the of the van and we added genuine Alcantara fabric to the side kidney’s of the seats. A blue cotton stitch completes the upholstery upgrade and the added Porsche de-bossing sets the seat perfectly.

A perfect way to enhance any interior is customising the seating, with so may options to choose from it can take a little time to consider the right route to go down.

As this vehicle will be used daily by Mike’s family, We have not only completed a full lining conversion to sound deaden and insulate the vehicle, we upgraded the sound system in the Caddy-Maxi with the Focal PC165 front speakers and for that extra kick a Kenwood 12inch sub is located within the rear. To reiterate the Porsche theme this has been incorporated within the headliner and the theme continues throughout the rear of the vehicle within the lining. Externally we decided to use the Rotiform CCV Alloys on this vehicle as Mike has always liked them but personally felt that they do not sit as well on a T5/T6.

As with any build at NWCC we always feel that the small extras finish the build for us; Extras have been added to the van with its own customised matching jack bag and cushions using the same Carrera fabric incorporated within the front seating. Just to finish off the front cab we upgraded the Steering wheel and colour coded the centre to match the vehicle exterior and the Recaro CS’s.

So what started as a small project, where we intended to just enhance the original van, quickly spiralled into a complete custom re-build. Team NWCC are completely thrilled with the final van and cant wait to get it out on the road. With the distinctive ‘British Gas Blue’ exterior colouring, hopefully the other features of this vehicle will now make it a head turner for its outstanding road presence.

We are extremely proud of the finished project here at NWCC as we strive to continually develop our skills in house and stand aside from the competition throughout this ever growing and demanding industry. Throughout our time in the industry we push to become better every day, I hope this has given you an insight into the way we work and the product we are so proud to call our own. Its all a result of long hours, hard work and determination to achieve.